Destination: Charging – A Powerdot Podcast

3 min


Powerdot, the leading pan-European charging point operator, is thrilled to announce the launch of its podcast, “Destination: Charging.” This engaging and informative podcast is set to establish a platform for industry-leading companies and experts to share insights, news, and perspectives on electric mobility.

The first episode brings together Luís Santiago Pinto, Powerdot’s CEO and co-founder, with Ryan Fisher, Head of EV Charging Infrastructure at Bloomberg NEF, where he covers the technology, policy, and economic factors shaping the transport sector. In this in-depth conversation, Luís and Ryan discuss the European deployment of charging infrastructure, how policy shapes the different realities across countries, and what we can learn from China as the leading example in electric mobility.

Each episode invites listeners to explore the latest trends, technologies, and stories shaping the world of EVs and sustainable living with the constant backdrop of Destination Charging and its decisive role in making EVs a reality for all.

In the following episodes, the guests will range from EV power users to some of the most influential dealmakers within the industry, from policymakers to charger manufacturers, from OEMs to some of the most influential digital technology makers.

Listeners can tune in and subscribe to “Destination: Charging” on popular podcast platforms such as Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google Podcasts or watch it on our YouTube channel.

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