We are the largest independent charger operator in Portugal.

+5.000 Live Charging
+15.000 Contracted
Charging Points
6 Markets in Europe
+150 People across
all markets

Our History

Powerdot started in 2018 in Portugal, intending to bring charging solutions to commercial and retail spaces. With a turnkey solution, Powerdot started offering a full range of services ranging from the installation, operation, and maintenance of charging stations at 0 costs for partners and with revenue sharing. This unique value proposition has allowed us to be one of the most significant CPOs (Charging Point Operators) in Portugal and to grow exponentially in other European markets, focusing our value proposition on complementing the retail experience.

In 2020, with the experience and position we gathered in Portugal, we started looking to expand our presence to other countries. We started our expansion toward Spain, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, and Poland.

In 2022, Antin Infrastructure Partners invested €150 million in Powerdot. In February 2024, the Arié Group and Antin Infrastructure Partners invested a further 100 million euros in the company, to boost the development of new technologies, expand the charging infrastructure and reinforce the company’s strategic partnerships across Europe.

Powerdot foundation
November 2019
Powerdot is launched
in Portugal
November 2020
Started the operation
in France
January 2021
Started the operation
in Spain
June 2021
Started the operation
in Poland
May 2022
Antin Infrastructure Partners
Investiment (€150M)
Dec 2023
15.000 contracted
charging points in Europe
February 2024
Investment by Grupo Arié and Antin Infrastructure Partners (100 million euros)


Accelerate Sustainable Mobility

The Electric Vehicle (EV) is no longer a promise for the future but a reality on our streets and roads. But for that promise to be realized, there needs to be an infrastructure that supports the day-to-day experience of owning and driving an EV.


Infrastructure can play a pivotal role in the adoption of the EV. By making the charging experience as convenient as charging a smartphone, we will be contributing to change not only preconceived notions but, in fact, behaviours.


We are constantly growing

We are constantly aiming higher. More and better is always possible and we actively pursue it. We do this as individuals, as a team, with our partners, and within the industry.

We partner for 100 years

We strive to deliver value to all our partners from the first day. And we continue to do so every day after. Their customers are our customers. And to serve them better, we need to be partner-obsessed.

We love the challenge

There’s not a problem that we can’t solve as a team. We always find a solution. And we don’t let perfection get in the way. Done today is better than perfect tomorrow.

Destination charging

To bring this vision to life, we design charging experiences that complement the user’s daily routines. Without wasted time waiting, any detours, or even planning. By having a charging point where users are already going – supermarkets, shopping malls, restaurants, offices, specialty stores, and others – life doesn’t stop. There’s no worse feeling than being stuck when you want – and need – to move forward. And the destination charging has the potential to disrupt the existing scenario and encourage the increase of electric cars in circulation, since the concern about where to charge will no longer be an issue.

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Our Impact

Impact Image
5.000Live Charging Points
10.000Contracted Charging Points Under Installation
148people across all markets
6Markets in Europe

Charging points implementation goal for 2025 (YE): 15.000

Charging points implementation goal for 2030 (YE): +19.000

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