Cookies Policy

Last updated March 21, 2024


This Cookies Policy explains how Powerdot uses the information collected from cookies and other tracking technologies available on its Website, and its Adhoc Payment Webapp, (herein referred as “site”). 

This site uses Cookies to guarantee its correct working, but also to guarantee that you as a user have the best possible navigation experience. The cookies also aim at allowing the continuous improvement of the services we made available. 

In case you have any question related to this Policy, you may contact us using the following email:


What are Cookies? Are there different types of Cookies?

Cookies are small information files placed by websites and stored in the browser of the device you use to access the internet (for example, your computer or mobile phone). Cookies are used to identify the users, personalise the page according to their profile, making it easier to use, or facilitate the transfer of data between pages on the same site.

Cookies have various classifications based on different criteria, as follows: 

Depending on their intended purpose, Cookies can be:

  • Strictly necessary Cookies – those required to ensure the functioning of the website and/or to ensure the availability of functionalities requested by the user, or even to save their preferences regarding browsing the website whenever they use the same device and so request.
  • Personalisation Cookies – these are of an ancillary nature and are not necessary for the operation of the website, but may improve its performance. They are used to improve the user experience.
  • Analytical Cookies – these are of an ancillary nature and collect statistical information in order to help website owners analyse the use of their websites and better understand their visitors’ involvement with the websites.


Depending on how long the Cookies last, they can be categorised as:

  • Session Cookies – these Cookies are temporary in nature, meaning that they are deleted as soon as or very soon after the browser is closed. These Cookies make it possible, for example, to analyse internet search patterns, allowing Powerdot to identify problems, guarantee security and provide a better browsing experience.
  • Persistent Cookies – these Cookies are not deleted after the browser session is closed, but remain stored on your device. They are used every time you visit the site, allowing us, for example, to personalise your experience and guarantee a more individualised service, taking into account your preferences.


Cookies can also be distinguished, based on the entity that places them, as:

  • Own Cookies – these are Cookies placed by Powerdot, through equipment or domains.
  • Third-party Cookies – these are Cookies sent to your device by third parties, i.e. websites other than the owners of the website you are using.


Should I accept the use of Cookies? 

In the case of strictly necessary Cookies, it is not possible for the website to function without them, since, as mentioned above, they are necessary for the proper and normal functioning of the site. With regard to other types of Cookies, the choice is up to you, as the user. 

Under the terms of the applicable legislation, the website may only use Cookies with the prior express consent of the user, unless the Cookies are absolutely necessary to provide the service requested. Without the user’s authorisation, the website cannot activate Cookies.

For more information on the storage periods of our cookies and the personal data collected, please refer to our Privacy Policy. 


Can I manage my Cookies options?

Yes. At any time on the website, you can manage your Cookie preferences using the tool available in the site. 

Please be aware that disabling Cookies through your browser settings may have an impact on the functioning of the site.


Changes to the Cookies Policy

Powerdot may, at any time and without prior notice, amend, add to or revoke this Policy, in whole or in part. In any case, the user may always choose not to consent to the use of Cookies, provided that they are not strictly necessary Cookies.