Success Stories

Vieira de Almeida’s building – Lisbon, Portugal

Solução: 3 charging points (3.7kW)

Vieira de Almeida is one of the most prestigious law firms with more than 440 employees in 13 jurisdictions. VdA moved its headquarters to a new, modern building on Avenida 24 de Julho in Lisbon in 2017.

This building occupies a total of around 8,330 m2 of the gross area above ground and 3,192 m2 of the gross area below ground, resulting from a rehabilitation project for a set of industrial warehouses in Santos, owned by Fidelidade Companhia de Seguros, and its conversion into a modern office building.

In partnership with VdA, Powerdot developed a space dedicated to electric vehicles inside the new building’s car park. This space has been adapted with painting and signage to highlight this exclusivity. In these 6 parking spaces, 3 charging points of the Circutor brand were installed with a power of 3.6kW that allow the simultaneous charging of 6 vehicles.

The decision to adopt a slower type of charger (average charging time of 6 hours) is due to the fact that the average dwell time of a car exceeds the charging time. The installation of these chargers has strengthened the electrification of the VdA fleet, which now has a charging solution within its fleet.

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