Success Stories

Amoreiras Shopping Center – Lisbon, Portugal

Solution: 2 semi-fast chargers (22kW), Circutor Urban

Inaugurated in 1985, Amoreiras is one of the most iconic commercial spaces in Lisbon and Portugal. Due to its characteristics and irreverent design, it is a shopping center that has become a must-see for Lisbon residents and tourists alike.

It has a total area of 45,000 square meters and over 200 stores. In terms of stores, Amoreiras has spaces for fashion, food, decoration, culture, leisure, health, and beauty. It covers a population of three and a half million inhabitants, with an average number of 12.5 million visitors per year.

In partnership with Amoreiras, Powerdot developed a space dedicated to electric vehicles inside the car park. This space has been adapted with painting and signage to highlight this exclusivity. In these 4 parking spaces, 2 charging stations connected to the Mobi.e network were installed, allowing the charging of 4 vehicles simultaneously with a power of 22 kW.

Since launching in June 2019, thousands of top-ups have been carried out. On average, each vehicle charges 12.5 kWh and 25% of users have already charged it more than once, which proves that it is an attractive factor for electric vehicle users.

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