How Powerdot is Strategically Expanding in Polish Retail Parks

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Powerdot has launched 50 charging points for electric cars in retail parks located in various parts of Poland. It intends to double the number of such investments by the end of next year. According to the operator, retail parks are a very attractive place to build infrastructure for electric cars due to their easy availability and popularity among customers doing quick, everyday shopping. Powerdot’s partners in this type of project include large investors such as Falcon Investment Management, Napollo Group, Redkom Development, and MS Retail.

Retail parks and the so-called Convenience Centers have become a permanent presence on the map of Polish retail and service facilities. Currently, there are approximately 600 complexes of this type in the country, with a total area of over 3.6 million square meters, according to a report by JLL and Trei Real Estate Poland. Both formats dominated the new supply of retail space in 2020-2023.


Quick shopping the new way

Convenience, accessibility, complementarity of the offer and the ability to make quick, everyday purchases are the main advantages of retail parks and convenience centres. They are created, among others, in smaller towns that have so far lacked a modern commercial offer, as well as in newly built housing estates in large agglomerations.

Powerdot has just summarized the first stage of its investments in retail parks: it has already launched 50 charging points for electric cars located in several retail parks and convenience centres throughout Poland. Further investments are underway.


Ambitious plans

“We are in the process of building additional charging stations located in retail parks. By the end of next year, we should have at least 100 operating charging points at this type of facility. At the same time, we are setting the terms of the next large contracts. Due to their unique and very practical format, retail parks are an important element of the Powerdot investment program. We implement it in the destination charging model, which assumes charging an electric car while performing everyday activities, without wasting time”, informs Grigoriy Grigoriev, General Manager of Powerdot in Poland (in the photo).

Large partners

Powerdot implements the program of building charging stations at retail parks thanks to cooperation with large partners managing many such facilities throughout Poland. These include, among others: Falcon Investment Management, Napollo Group, Redkom Development, MS Retail and others. The Powerdot investment map also includes retail parks owned by local investors. They can add an electric car charging station to their property without spending a penny.

“Powerdot covers all costs related to the construction of the stations and is also their operator. Thanks to the presence of a charging station, the shopping centre has a chance to acquire new, regular customers. The owner of the facility, where the infrastructure for charging electric cars will be located, also gains the opportunity to commercialize the parking space, and also meets regulatory requirements”, emphasizes Grigoriy Grigoriev.


Fast shopping, fast charging

The specificity of retail parks requires adapting the infrastructure built there to the behaviour of customers visiting this type of facility. “Retail parks are characterized by a high frequency of visits, evenly distributed throughout the week and lasting from a dozen to several dozen minutes. Therefore, charging stations located at this type of facility should have quite high power, enabling quick charging of the car. It should be from 60 to 120 kW, and in some cases even 250 kW”,  says Karol Żebrowski, Operations Director of Powerdot.


Powerdot for electromobility

Powerdot carries out investments in retail parks in cities such as Szczecin, Piotrków Trybunalski, Opole, Gniezno, Pszczyna, Olkusz, Biłgoraj, Grudziądz, Żagań, Miechów, Sochaczew, Kępno, Golub-Dobrzyń, Bolesławiec, Jarocin, Głos Piastowe, Grodzisk Wielkopolski or Łapy . “The facilities of this type are often built in smaller towns where electric cars are still relatively rare. We believe that by building charging stations there, we contribute to the development of electromobility in Poland”, says the head of Powerdot.


A large station in Glinianka Park

An example of an investment implemented by Powerdot in the described model is an electric vehicle charging hub located in the Glinianka Park in Łubna (Góra Kalwaria commune, Piaseczno district, Warsaw agglomeration). The operator installed as many as seven CCS connectors and one CHAdeMO connector, with a total power of 250 kW (in the photo).

Ecology and comfort thanks to the roof

Another interesting example is the Powerdot investment in N-Park located in Piotrków Trybunalski, owned by the renowned Napollo company. Retail parks of this brand are increasingly marking their presence on the map of our country. N-Park in Piotrków Trybunalski is equipped with devices enabling simultaneous charging of four electric vehicles. What distinguishes this facility from standard charging stations is its unique design and roof (with photovoltaic panels). Thanks to this solution, electric vehicle users using the services of N-Park in Piotrków Trybunalski can safely charge their vehicles in various weather conditions, out of concern for the natural environment.

“For us, cooperating with Powerdot means not only modern charging stations but also a creative approach to increasing the attractiveness of our N-Parks and expanding the range of services for our customers. Roofing the station with photovoltaic panels is crucial for us, due to the comfort of users in various weather conditions and also means a step towards sustainable development by generating ecological solar energy”, says Krzysztof Elsner, member of the management board of the Napollo Group. “We are proud to cooperate on a joint project that not only supports electromobility but also emphasizes our joint commitment to innovative and ecological solutions for our customers”, believes him.

Retail park at National Road no. 7

Another example is the station located in the A-Centrum Miechów retail park. The Powerdot station located within this facility is extremely popular not only among local residents but also among drivers travelling on the Krakow-Warsaw route: thanks to being equipped with a CCS connector with a power of 120 kW. Currently, there is a lack of high-power stations in this area.

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