Charging an EV isn’t something you have to do.
It’s a place you want to go.

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Why partner up with Powerdot?

0 Installation Costs

Powerdot will invest 100% of the cost of installation of EV charging in your locations.

0 Maintenance Costs

Don’t worry about the operation or the maintenance of the chargers. We will take care of it.

Revenue Sharing

Add a new revenue stream to your portfolio and capitalize on your existing parking locations.

Monitoring Software

With our software solution, you will understand how your customers charge their EVs.

Accessible to All EV Users

We work with all the EV Charging and Mapping Apps to make your chargers and locations easily discoverable.

Sustainability Focus

Your brand can be part of the energy transition and contribute to accelerating sustainable mobility.

Our charging network in Europe

Discover all the charging points installed in our partners' car parks

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Our partners

Supermarkets, shopping centers, restaurants, hospitals... We believe that there should be a charger everywhere we park our cars.

Bernardo Freitas
— Head of Sustainability CBRE

“With Powerdot, CBRE was able to take a very important step in the introduction of electric mobility in the assets under management, with a solution adapted to the needs of each building and its usage profile. Powerdot demonstrated high professionalism and tailor-made solutions for our customers, both in installation and in operation and maintenance. The partnership with Powerdot resulted in benefits for all parties, while allowing us to promote more sustainable mobility in our portfolio.”

Pedro Mendonça
— Operações Oeiras Parque

“Oeiras Parque found the ideal partner in Powerdot, with its technicality and rigor, to realize its vision on the type of electric chargers to be made available to its customers.”

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Latest installations

CC Riviera Center, Portugal

Latest installations

Norauto Amadora, Portugal

Latest installations

Intermarché Canelas, Portugal

Latest installations

Hotel Ibis Budget Alcala de Henares, Spain

Latest installations

CC Alzamora, Spain

Latest installations

Decathlon Berango, Spain

Latest installations

Biedronka Suwalki, Poland

Latest installations

Biedronka Bochotnica, Poland

Latest installations

Biedronka Piotrków Trybunalski, Poland

Latest installations

E.Leclerc Cholet, France

Latest installations

Retail Park Trie-Château, France

Latest installations

Mr. Bricolage Alès, France

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Our integrations

Powerdot partners with leading e-Mobility Service Providers, ensuring a streamlined charging experience. See why they work closely with us, in their own words:

"Powerdot’s innovative incorporation of electric vehicle charging infrastructure within retail spaces presents many benefits, effectively addressing the needs of both customers and businesses alike."

Alexander Deege

"We are really happy to offer drivers from Plugsurfing and our partners access to Powerdot's network. Their focus on a great user experience and fast charging make them popular stations with our customers. We also greatly value Powerdot's active role in developing their service and technology, as well as deepening our cooperation, for the benefit of EV drivers."

Sofia Diakhate
COO of Plugsurfing

"Electromaps always seeks to improve the number of charging points available so users can activate a charging session directly from our app. That is why it is a great satisfaction to reach interoperability agreements with companies such as Powerdot, which already has an extensive network throughout Europe and an ambitious expansion plan. This agreement will benefit electric vehicle drivers and help speed up the transition towards sustainable mobility."

Maximilien Kauffmann
CEO of Electromaps

"Miio and Powerdot have been partners for several months, always with a common goal: to simplify the life of electric vehicle users, making electric mobility increasingly accessible to the entire population. It has been with great pleasure that we have joined forces and brought numerous innovations to the market, innovations that are truly appreciated by the user community!"

Daniela Simões
CEO of Miio

"Octopus Electroverse is on a mission to build a single and global public charging ecosystem, allowing drivers to charge anywhere, reliably. And we are thrilled to provide our customers and partners access to one of Europe’s leading and most reliable network. We highly appreciate Powerdot’s proactive approach in offering an exceptional user experience while always putting the driver first. We need more of these operators in Europe, and can’t be prouder to have them in our network."

Garren Nahabedian
Head of Partnerships